SAM urges swift action on flash flood problem faced by Sungai Bakau residents

Beginilah sisa lumpur dari kolam ternakan ikan  keli yg mendap dlm saliran   Gambar : SAM

Media Statement                                                                                                    5th April 2019

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urged the Irrigation and Drainage Department, Kerian District Council and Perak Fisheries Department to immediately investigate the cause of the flash floods that are occurring frequentlyin Kampung Tanah 100 Sungai Bakau near Parit Buntar here.

The flash floods that have been occurring for more than 10 years have become more frequent and the floodwaters have damaged equipment and furniture in several houses in the village. 

This problem has been reported to the relevant authorities but until now no action has been taken to address the problem effectively. 

Seorang penduduk yg terlibat menunjukkan limpahan air darikolam ternakan ikan keli berhampiran rumahnya   Gambar : SAM

SAM’s  survey here and interview with affected villagers, found that the flash floods was caused by a malfunctioned drainage system and the discharge of effluents from nearby ponds rearing catfish. 

SAM found that 200-metre long drainage near the catfish ponds in the village was filled with mud and the surrounding area was flooded with stagnant stinking water. There were also idle paddy fields in the village due to the threat of overflowing effluents from the nearby catfish ponds. 

SAM regrets that the flash flood problem has yet to be resolved although the villagers have been suffering long. SAM also questioned how the aquaculture project could be allowed to operate in the village regardless of its impact on the environment and the lives of the villagers. 

Therefore, SAM requests the Land and Mines Office, the Department of Environment (DOE) and the Fisheries Department to investigate this matter and take firm action if there is any violation of law and regulations. 

SAM believes and is worried that if the root cause of this problem is not effectively addressed, not only the lives of the villagers but also the environment and the paddy fields here will be jeopardised in the future.




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