Colonialism & the Green Economy: The Hidden Side of Carbon Offsets December 23, 2012

Although some market-based strategies to mitigate global warming do benefit some communities, they more often serve as a cheap way for the world's biggest polluters to avoid true ecological reforms and deprive people who can least afford it of their livelihoods, their land and their homes.

Eleazar Graciliano Lopez Roblero is an inquisitive man with a farmer's frame, thick, curly hair and staunch hands, who wore a collared shirt and carried a small red notebook with a pen keeping his page. He referred to it a few times, but for the most part he was jotting down notes while the interpreter organized his translations. His wife, a reserved woman with a serious demeanor, sat next to him in the large room that served as their bedroom and living room while his children milled about. Click to read

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