Why Shell must be held accountable for its Niger Delta Ecocide

Today, we await the decision from the Dutch Court on Shell's accountability in the Niger Delta ecocide. Click to read more on what former Friends of the Earth International Chairperson, Nnimmo Bassey has to say.

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Colonialism & the Green Economy: The Hidden Side of Carbon Offsets

Truth-out.org December 23, 2012

Although some market-based strategies to mitigate global warming do benefit some communities, they more often serve as a cheap way for the world's biggest polluters to avoid true ecological reforms and deprive people who can least afford it of their livelihoods, their land and their homes.

Eleazar Graciliano Lopez Roblero is an inquisitive man with a farmer's frame, thick, curly hair and staunch hands, who wore a collared shirt and carried a small red notebook with a pen keeping his page. He referred to it a few times, but for the most part he was jotting down notes while the interpreter organized his translations. His wife, a reserved woman with a serious demeanor, sat next to him in the large room that served as their bedroom and living room while his children milled about. Click to read

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When West Met East

In December 2012, SAM invited Undi M'sia to conduct an Idola Demokrasi workshop in Marudi for youths. Click here to read the write up on the Loyar Burok page. 

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The fear of catch reduction

My Sinchew.com November 21, 2012 (news translated from Guang Ming Daily)

The Perak government's announcement of the two major development projects in Tanjung Hantu, namely a steel factory and a LNG plant, has worried villagers of Kampung Labuan Bilis, which is located less than 5km from Tanjung Hantu. Click to read

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No signs of construction, only felled woods

My Sinchew.com November 17, 2012 (translated from Guang Ming Daily)

SERI MANJUNG, Perak - Just as everyone is questioning the legitimacy, rationale and viability of the two projects in Tanjung Hantu, Perak, Sahabat Alam Malaysia again reveals that logging activities have been carried out even before the two projects are initiated. Click to read

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The weeping turtles

MY Sinchew.com November 17, 2012 (translated from Guang Ming Daily)

SERI MANJUNG, Perak -- Covering almost 21,000 square kilometres, Perak boasts a multitude of pristine nature reserves, with at least 20 in the districts of Kinta and Seri Manjung alone, making the area the best preserved natural ecosystem anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia. Click to read


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Gesa Batal Projek Akuakultur

Sinar Harian Ogos 13, 2012

KERIAN - Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) membantah cadangan projek pembangunan kompleks akuakultur seluas 320 hektar di Pulau Gula, di sini yang mampu menimbulkan impak secara langsung kepada alam sekitar.

Presidennya, SM Mohamed Idris mendakwa projek itu mampu memusnahkan kawasan semula jadi darat, pinggir pantai dan pesisiran pantai. Click to read


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Dams & Rivers

Dams & Rivers

What happens when dams are built and rivers are dammed. 

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Dam fighters' guide by International Rivers Network

Dam fighters guide

International Rivers Network (IRN) published this guide for dam fighters. This is a practical guide for all to use especially when campaigning against dams and working with communities. 

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Empangan & sungai

Dams & Rivers

Risalah berkenaan dengan dampak-dampak empangan besar dan kesan kepada alam sekitar.

Brochure about dams and the impacts to the environment. 

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Risalah - Penghapusan Hak Tanah Adat

NCR Brochure

Risalah ini adalah khas untuk orang asal berkenaan dengan penghapusan hak tanah adat mereka oleh pihak kerajaan. 

This brochure was made especially for indigenous communities whose native customary rights have been threatened with extinguishment or have been extinguished. 

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Memorandum on the need for Sarawak's Environmental Impacts Assessment process to be reviewed

EIA process in Sarawak should be reviewed

SAM sent this memorandum to a number of government agencies in Sarawak and in the Peninsular to request for the entire EIA process in Sarawak to be reviewed. This memorandum was sent to the government in 2009. 

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