NGOs say govt agencies must bear burden for city flash floods

The Malay Mail                       May 15, 2016

PETALING JAYA, May 15 — The authorities are to be blamed for failing to make flood mitigation a priority as they are still allowing overdevelopment to take place in the Klang Valley. Click to read

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Govt says sorry for floods

The Star                                   May 14, 2016

THE Government has apologised to Kuala Lumpur folk for the floods caused by the unusual heavy rainfall on Thursday night. Click to read

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Undersea tunnel project should be reviewed: Teroka

The Sun Daily                           May 12, 2016

GEORGE TOWN: The implementation of the RM27billion Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) gathers steam with civil society voicing their concerns.

Heritage Land and Urban Settlers (Teroka) chairman Muhammad Azrul Zabidi urged the state to re-evaluate the traffic dispersal efficiency of the proposed undersea tunnel to link the island and the mainland. Click to read

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Mangrove forest under threat from leachate spillage, says president

The Star                                   May 12, 2016

OVERFLOWING leachate believed to be from a retention pond at the Pulau Burung sanitary landfill on the Penang mainland into a mangrove forest and a ditch nearby has raised concern among environmenta-lists.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) president S.M. Mohamed Idris said they were worried the foamy and blackish water would pollute the environment if the current situation persisted in Nibong Tebal. Click here

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'Please protect our forests"' Indigenous Penans plead

Clean Malaysia                          May 07, 2016

Indigenous Penan communities in Sarawak are mad at the continued destruction of their ancestral forests and they won’t be taking it any more. The Penans, who have traditionally been semi-nomadic forest-dwellers, want all logging stopped in the remote Upper Baram region of Sarawak and the area declared a protected national park.

James Lalo Keso, a former penghulu (paramount chief) in the community of Long Lamai, has sent a poetically poignant letter to the state’s Chief Minister Adenan Satem, urging him to impose a moratorium on all logging. Click to read

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‘Trams only for heritage zone’

The Star                                   May 06, 2016

GEORGE TOWN: Trams travelling on the streets statewide are not feasible substitutes for elevated light rail transit trains as they need a dedicated tramway which requires traffic lanes to be sacrificed, according to Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) project delivery partner SRS Consortium. Click to read

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Penans want loggings in upper Baram to stop

Borneo Post Online                    May 06, 2016

KUCHING: The Penan communities in upper Baram are requesting for a moratorium on the logging activities in their area and for the government to convert it into a National Park to sustain their livelihood.

According to a former Penan penghulu of Long Lamai James Lalo Keso, they were in fact pleased with the government’s interest in the realisation of a park in their area. Click to read

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In pictures: Ground zero of Malaysia’s water crisis

Channel News Asia                    May 03, 2016

BUKIT MERAH, Perak: Sporadic light rain brought on by cloud seeding might have provided folks in peninsular Malaysia reprieve from the unbearable heat, but it has done little to alleviate the country's water crisis.

At the heart of the crisis are Malaysia’s 41 dams and reservoirs, some of which are fast drying up, especially in the northern states of Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis. Click to read

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Another hill slope laid bare

The Star & Star TV                                 May 01, 2016

GEORGE TOWN: Unknown to many people here, massive clearing has been taking place over the years on a hillslope in Teluk Bahang near the dam, probably even without the knowledge of the authorities.

There is lush greenery on most sides of the site close to the Teluk Bahang dam but the said lot itself has been stripped bare. Click to read

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Restoring wounded Earth plant by plant

The Star                                   April 28, 2016

A TOTAL of 26 visitors comprising mostly Sri Lankan took part in a tree planting campaign organised by Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) in conjunction with International Earth Day. 

The group paid close attention to CAP vice-president Mohideen Abdul Kadir and education officer N.V. Subbarow as they planted four saplings at Wonder Wilder Farm in Relau Agro-tourism Centre. Click to read

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