CAP urges Government to withdraw from TPPA

Sarawak Tribune May 31, 2013

The Consumers' Association of Penang urged the federal government to withdraw itself from the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Click to read

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Pygmy elephants must not die in vain

SAM wrote a letter to the editor to question the mystery behind the death of the pygmy elephants. Free Malaysia Today (May 27, 2013) carried the letter on their portal. Click to read

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300 Sarawak natives protest at hydropower confab

In the news today (Malaysiakini, May 22, 2013), indigenous communities from various longhouses both affected by existing dams and would be affected by future planned dams protest at the International Hydropower Association World Congress currently going on in Kuching, Sarawak. Click to read

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Why are our environment custodians so ineffective?

SAM's letter to the editor in Malaysiakini, May 21, 2013

Highlands and hills plundered, virgin jungles ravaged. Judging from the unceasing reports, the government machinery to stop these illegal clearing of jungles and hill slopes is clearly not functioning effectively. Click to read

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Hill clearing in Bukit Gambir was done illegally

The Star May 18, 2013

"Last week, Sahabat Alam Malaysia sent a letter to the MPPP to request details of the clearing activities on the hill.

Its president S.M. Mohd Idris said that to date, there had been no response from the council.

“I believe the hill is called Bukit Rumania.

“We were alerted by the public and immediately went to the site to take some photographs and find out what’s going on.

“We then wrote to the council enquiring about whether planning permission had been given, whether the clearing was being done on state or private land and if an Envi­ronmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report was conducted before the land was cleared,” he said.

“We demand an explanation,” he said, adding that a reminder letter was sent to the council yesterday." Click to read

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Logging of Ulu Muda forests may affect rice farmers

The Star April 23, 2013

THE DENSE vegetation within the Ulu Muda forest complex in Kedah is a crucial feature of the region’s water storage capacity. Topographically speaking, the landscape forms one large drainage system, with its contours directing water to a collection point, such as a river or a lake. Click to read 

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Forced to become coolies in their own lands

What SUHAKAM has to say about the violations against indigenous peoples and their rights in Malaysia. Sarawak Report exposes parts of the report through a leaked copy that they received. Click to read

(The website is currently not accessible in Malaysia)

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NGOs slam Guan Eng over BN linked charge

Malaysiakini March 26, 2013

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) has slammed Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for being “highly irresponsible and unethical” by accusing the NGO of being selective in its criticisms and of being aligned to the BN. Click to read

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Global Witness Defends Secret Video on Alleged Corruption

Malaysiakini March 21, 2013

As the nation braces for the 13th general election, the timing of the Global Witness (GW) video 'Inside Malaysia's Shadow State' posted on YouTube on Monday has been questioned by various parties. Click to read

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Penang's Chief Minister's Open Letter to CAP

The Penang Chief Minister responded via an open letter to CAP & SAM's President's statement opposing the Penang state government's traffic decongestion projects. The statement appeared in Malaysiakini. Click to read

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