Risalah - Penubuhan Persatuan Penduduk Kampung

Brochure Residents' Associations

Ini adalah risalah bagi orang-orang kampung terutamanya, kampung-kampung orang asal yang ingin menubuhkan persatuan penduduk. Risalah ini memberitahu langkah-langkah untuk menubuhkan sebuah persatuan di bawah Akta Perubuhan 1966. 

This is a brochure for indigenous communities especially who wish to set up residents' associations under the Societies Act 1966.

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Dams & Rivers

Dams & Rivers

What happens when dams are built and rivers are dammed. 

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Dam fighters' guide by International Rivers Network

Dam fighters guide

International Rivers Network (IRN) published this guide for dam fighters. This is a practical guide for all to use especially when campaigning against dams and working with communities. 

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Empangan & sungai

Dams & Rivers

Risalah berkenaan dengan dampak-dampak empangan besar dan kesan kepada alam sekitar.

Brochure about dams and the impacts to the environment. 

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Risalah - Penghapusan Hak Tanah Adat

NCR Brochure

Risalah ini adalah khas untuk orang asal berkenaan dengan penghapusan hak tanah adat mereka oleh pihak kerajaan. 

This brochure was made especially for indigenous communities whose native customary rights have been threatened with extinguishment or have been extinguished. 

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Memorandum on the need for Sarawak's Environmental Impacts Assessment process to be reviewed

EIA process in Sarawak should be reviewed

SAM sent this memorandum to a number of government agencies in Sarawak and in the Peninsular to request for the entire EIA process in Sarawak to be reviewed. This memorandum was sent to the government in 2009. 

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Memorandum on large scale monoculture plantations

SAM Plantation Memo

This was a memorandum sent by SAM to relevant government authorities in 2009 to highlight a select group of issues linked to the development of large-scale oil palm and pulpwood plantation schemes in Sarawak. 

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Malaysian palm oil - green gold or green wash

Green gold green wash

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), a member of Friends of the Earth International in collaboration with Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Friends of the Earth Netherlands, Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth International released a 70-page long report on the adverse impacts of the expansion of oil palm plantations in Sarawak on Oct 7, 2008.

Malaysian Palm Oil – Green Gold or Green Wash, A commentary on the sustainability claims of Malaysia’s palm oil lobby, with a special focus on the state of Sarawak seeks to question the sustainability claims that have often been made by the Malaysian palm oil lobby. 

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