SAM is concerned of threat of JE in Tanjung Sepat


Media Statement                                         28 November 2016

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Selangor government to pay serious attention and take immediate action to curb the problem of pig waste pollution in Tanjung Sepat in the District of Kuala Langat.

The long-standing problem from decades ago not only threatens the environment here but also affects the livelihood of fishermen and marine life in the waters here.

About 1,000 fishermen in this area lament that their source of livelihood is very polluted and no effective action has been taken to resolve the problem although the authorities are well aware of the situation here.

In SAM’s recent survey we found that food vendors and their customers complained of the nauseating, unbearable stench. The food vendors were worried that their business will decline and public health will be affected if the State government keeps silent on this issue.


SAM is disappointed that the pig farmers in this area discharge the pig waste indiscriminately into the drains, river, and sea, resulting in the neighbouring villages engulfed in malodour whilst the drainage system in this area has turned black due to sedimentation of pig waste.

The pig farming and pig waste pollution here exposes the villagers and visitors to Morib Beach to infection of the Japanese Encephalitis (JE) virus and Escherichia Coli ( E.Coli ) bacteria.

In addition, the monthly income of fishermen has also declined from more than RM800.00 to RM600.00. Besides dwindling of fish and prawns, crabs, lokan and mentarang that are the fishermen’s main catch, are near extinct because of the destruction to the mangroves here.

In view of this, SAM urges the Selangor State government, relevant Ministry and Departments to strictly enforce relevant regulations so that there is no repeat of the JE threat that occurred in Bukit Pelanduk, Negeri Sembilan fifteen years ago.

SAM recommends that the responsible authority conducts regular monitoring of all the pig farms in this area.  The latest report of investigation should be disclosed to the public especially the local communities so that  they will be relieved of feelings of anxiety that is beleaguering them for years.




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