SAM urges review of plan to issue license for bauxite mining in Terengganu

PRESS STATEMENT                                                                                                     26 NOVEMBER 2015

Sahabat  Alam Malaysia (SAM) urges the Terengganu State Government and local authorities to review plans for issuance of license for bauxite mining because the mining has potential to cause adverse impacts to the environment and harm the lives of the people in the State.

SAM commented on a report in a local newspaper (Sinar Harian: 23 November 2015) which states that the government is willing to consider license application for bauxite mining in Terengganu because it could generate revenue for the state since the current market price of bauxite is very high. 

SAM stressed that the Terengganu state government should not be thinking about generating income for the state through bauxite mining activities. Rather, the State must consider the welfare of the people, in terms of public health and the environment. 

The State Government and the Authorities should take note of the ongoing pollution from bauxite mining operations in the State of Pahang. How will the Terengganu government address potential pollution problems such as those encountered in Pahang? 

Objections have been made by residents in the affected areas in Pahang but the authorities seem to disregard this issue, as though there are no adverse effects on the environment and not concerned about the health problems that will occur, including among vulnerable groups such as children and senior citizens. 

SAM is concerned that if the problem is not curbed now, it will be arduous later and most likely the mining activities will become rampant and uncontrolled. 

Hence SAM urges the Terengganu State Government not to issue licenses to mine bauxite in the State and step up enforcement to curb illegal mining. 




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