Trees chopped down in several areas in Kuala Kangsar, Perak

Field officer from Sahabat Alam Malaysia explaining to journalist about the types of trees  cut down by the river of Sungai Perak in Kuala Kangsar       Picture : SAM

Media statement                                     24 July 2017

Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) sadly discovered that several trees have been felled in a number of areas in Kuala Kangsar, mainly in Sungai Perak Square (Dataran Sungai Perak) and Jalan Dato' Sagor.

SAM found that the trees that had been cut down were mature trees.  The trees at Jalan Dato' Sagor that were chopped down were estimated to be over 30 years old.

This Rain Tree is probably more than 100 years old. Field officer from Sahabat Alam Malaysia survey tin Kuala Kangsar with journalists.         Picture : SAM

SAM questions the justification and the need for these trees to be chopped down, as to whether the area concerned would be used for public benefit that was inevitable, or was there an urgent need for the trees to be destroyed.

Were there no other alternative besides cutting down the tree? Or if it was absolutely necessary in the interest of the public, why did not the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council (MPKK) move the affected trees and plant them elsewhere?

Among the trees that have been felled are Ara (Ficus spp.), Raintree (Samanea saman) and Khaya (Khaya senegalensis).

Therefore, SAM urges the MPKK to account for the felling of the trees in Kuala Kangsar.




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